Alternative to Exclusion

This is my FUTURE

We deliver a range of workshops that can help pupils build a pathway towards a positive future. Once young people recognise what they're capable of, we focus on where they'd like to be, and how they can get there.

Staff can support young people through Prince's Trust Awards. We also explore a range of options, from apprenticeships and training to college and university study. We look at the key life skills young people will need to manage their chosen career.

Alternative to Exclusion

Our A2E programme is designed to help pupils stay in mainstream education as an alternative to exclusion. In working with our team, they'll have the opportunity to address the underlying causes that prompted the possibility of exclusion by the school.

Our A2E programme aims to:

  • Reduce the number of days lost to exclusion
  • Ensure continuous education and avoid gaps in learning
  • Give young people the space to reflect on the circumstances and behaviours that led to the possibility of exclusion
  • Help pupils return to a mainstream class in a way that reduces the likelihood of repeat issues
  • Maintain positive relationships with local communities
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